The iTasks Solution

iTasks works with your firm to configure the best task management solution for your firm using a combination of the following products

Support Icon
Integrated business support

Support is a simple system for all business support staff to manage and action all tasks received from fee earners.

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Knowledge base and smart self-service

Guide is a knowledge base for smart self-service absorbing all your current firms policies and staff know-how and present a more interactive version that is directly connected to Support.

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Live chat and messaging

With Chat and Message your business support can proactively engage with fee earners wherever they are, or whichever form of communication is available to them.

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Call centre software

Talk makes it very simple to assist fee earners on the move who require a task completing and only have the phone to hand.

Clarity drives efficiency

Clear dashboard to assist business support teams

Everything that a business support team member requires is on a single, dynamic help desk interface, ensuring that all fee earner interactions are managed and executed efficiently and in a timely manner.

Build a roadmap to success

Fee earners also have a clear dashboard, viewable on any desktop or mobile device, that allows them to view every task that they have submitted to the business support team, including the ability to respond in respect of each task from within the help desk or directly by email.

Turn your team into experts

Senior management are able to gain valuable insight by way of the reporting functionality built into the solution. This ensures that management are able to see the true value of business support, and more importantly, how well the business support functions are performing and whether tasks are being correctly allocated.